Zac Bars All Natural Snack Bars

With our families on the go all the time, it can be a difficult task to find healthy, nutritious and all natural snacks that the kids actually like and will eat. Well I think I have found your solution!

It all started out in Vancouver Wash. The founder, Tom, who has owned a bakery since 1998, realized that kids were not getting the pure, wholesome and nutritious snacks that they should be. Zac Bars Inc. was born out of the desire to meet the needs of school meal programs. Their snacks comply with all current federal regulations for school meals. The Zac Attack and Zac Omega snack bars are specially formulated bars meet or exceed the criteria set forth by school systems today. Simple natural ingredients (easily recognizable in most home kitchens) with no preservatives are formulated into a delicious snack/breakfast bar that both children and adults love.

I was sent an assortment of the two different bars that Zac Bars makes; The Zac Omega and the Zac Attack snack bars. What I liked immediately about these bars is the bright colors and design on the packages. These are geared towards kids and the designs are great.

My first bar I chose to try out was one of the Zac Omega Bars. These come loaded with 1500 mg of ALA Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. Available in 5 awesome flavors: Strawberry, Marionberry, Honey Oat Raspberry, Honey Oat Strawberry and PB and Strawberry Jam.

These bars are Substantial to say the least. It looks like a giant Fig Newton almost. The outside is soft and thick and the fruit is on the inside. Eating one of these will definitely take your hunger pains away. I have been eating these for lunch and they are filling! The taste on everyone of them has been is fabulous! These bars are all-natural, chewy and delicious! This original Zac Bar is a great snack for anybody that needs an energy boost or just a quick snack during your day. Yum!!

The Zac Attack Bars are an ideal snack for kids! This is a chewy 1.5 oz. snack bar made with flax flour and filled with all natural fruit jam. Each bar contains 500 mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acids, an essential component of healthy brain development. Available in 2 flavors, Whole Oats and Apple and Whole Oats and Strawberry.

Both of these I found to be very soft and filling as well. They are the perfect snack in my eyes for kids. A bit smaller in size than the Zac Omega and I love all of the goodness inside. These are so delicious! I know that your kids will love these, and you will too!

Honestly, these are awesome. All of the Zac Bars are good for 30 days without refrigeration. If you are buying them in bulk, store them in the fridge for up to 6 months. These bars also freeze well too. I think that is Awesome!

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