Organic Natural Beauty Anti Aging Gel

I was fortunate to receive a big goodie bag of Aloe Vera and Olive Oil based Skin and Body Care from the great folks at Organic Natural Beauty a few weeks ago. I wrote a review on their Naturalis Anti Aging Easy Mask last week that you can read again, if you would like. I get to talk to you today about another one of their super products.

Organic Natural Beauty sent me a jar of their Anti Aging Gel to try out for you. I love to try new things on my skin. I am blessed with nice skin that is on the dry side now that I am getting older and I rarely break out. This gel is refined natural gel based on Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and natural extracts that work to fight against signs of tiredness and the fatigue. Lord knows I need this stuff!

The Anti Aging Gel comes in a jar. I like the fact that they actually offer 2 different sizes of jars for you to select from. Great idea! The jar contains the coolest clear gel. This Anti Wrinkle Gel is made for your eye area and the crows feet and wrinkles there…. not that I would know anything about that! HA

Well I figured more is better so I applied it all over my face. LOL It felt really nice going on and absorbed very quickly. Not sticky at all! So far so good. After several hours I checked my face and my eye wrinkles were still plumped up and my face was very soft and pliable. No tightness that I get from being over dry. Excellent. I am liking this a lot!

I have used the Anti Aging Gel several times over the past week and I really like the way it makes my skin feel and look. I am giving this product an Awesome rating! I think the difference is in the Olive Oil. I have never used a product with it as an ingredient and I really am pleased with it.

I also gave their Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Shower Gel and Body Lotion a try and so far I am very happy with their results too! But more on that later… (but PS… the lotion is awesome!)

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