Almond Cake with Orange Zest Recipe

Almond Cake with Orange Zest Recipe

I love baking cakes, especially easy-to-make cakes like this one. A lot of people think baking a good homemade dessert cake is a long and difficult process when it really isn't. The majority of all cakes out there are easy to make and use ingredients that are readily available in the marketplace. … [Continue reading]

Osmosis Colour – CC Cream Color Correcting Foundation

Osmosis Colour Cosmetics

As we age...our skin takes on many different changes. We can get red blotches, dark age spots, more freckles and a whole host of other undesirable changes. Now that I'm in my 40's, I'm pretty much seeing them all. Over the years I've tried many different foundations and concealers to help hide my … [Continue reading]

BugBand Insect Repellent Wristbands

BugBand Wristbands Repel Bugs

During the spring and summer seasons we spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, walking, gardening and all of those other fun things … [Continue reading]

Philadelphia City Hall – William Penn Statue

Philadelphia City Hall - William Penn

For those of you who have never visited Philadelphia before, let me tell you...there are a ton of things to see and do! Philly, also called the city … [Continue reading]

Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Light

Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Light

How many of you wish that you had more lighting in at least one room in your home? I think most of us can answer yes to that question. Another thing … [Continue reading]

Relax and Unwind with the CATS Adult Coloring Book

Stress Less Coloring CATS Adult Coloring Book

Over the past year we've featured several nice adult coloring books here on the TwoClassyChics blog and they've been a big hit with our readers. This … [Continue reading]

Homemade Zucchini Pickles Recipe

Zucchini Pickles Recipe

Every year we plant a backyard garden and one of the things that we grow in it happens to be zucchinis. For some reason, zucchini grows extremely well … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Pal: Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The Perfect Pal - Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Your Child and Your Dog: the Best Fit Children and dogs. They go together like movies and popcorn. They’re the perfect companions, really. Both … [Continue reading]